The Boroondara bouldering wall is a custom made trailer suitable for promotional events.

The trailer is available for hire both within the district and the greater scouting community.

It is also available to friends of scouting with preference given to scouting community.

Currently the Trailer is stored at Burwood District Hall 1 Queens parade Glen Iris

Deposit hire charges and hire agreement are available at the time of hire via the Boroondara district website or by contacting Marge Currie 0409 147 313 & or David Nathan 0438 511 334

Boroondara Groups $50, Scouts groups outside Boroondara $300, Public non Scouting $350

The trailer is equipped with safety mats and tow bar slides back out the way to allow 360 degree access.

The trailer is registered as a single axle trailer ~1300kg and can be towed by most cars. (preferably with electric brakes)

All tow accessories are supplied if needed, and basic instructions allow set up in less than 30 mins with help to layout safety mats.

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Terms and conditions of use

Area Required for Setup & Trailer information

Set up area for trailer and mats is approx. 6m x 8m, not including space for 3x3 Shelter.

Trailer weight is approx. 1350kg, Tyre pressure should be approx. 50psi

Note: Rock Trailer is fitted with electric brakes, compatible towing vehicle should be used where applicable. Please make sure, if using with electric brakes, brake module is adjusted properly to avoid overheating of the brakes.

Rock trailer is fitted with Purpleline movers, and when engaged, allows rock to be moved at walking pace in any direction by use of remote control, refer to operating instructions provided with trailer.

Equipment Supplied with Rock Trailer

3x 3 metre shelter, small folding table, 2 x folding chairs, rectangular scout banner, scout teardrop banner, scout pull-up banner, 7 x traffic cones and rope for barrier around the rock to create an entry point, refer to set up procedure and photos.

Conditions Of Hire

1. I / we will use the facility only in accordance with the instructions / procedures as provided, and Conditions of Use set out below, or as otherwise advised.

2. I / we accept full liability regarding the following:

a. Any damage to the facility (or loss), whether caused in transit or in operation or otherwise, at any time during the period of hire; and, any cost or liability to any third party arising from the transit or operation of the facility during the period of hire.

3. I / we accept full liability regarding any traffic infringements notices or fines in respect of the transport of the facility

4. I / we will advise the Boroondara District in writing as soon as practical of any incident arising from the transit, storage or use of the facility which may be expected to lead to a claim by any party.

5. (For hirers not part of Scouts Victoria) I / we confirm that I / we maintain adequate Public Liability Insurance covering the transit, storage and use of the facility.

6. (For hirers not part of Scouts Victoria) I / we confirm that Scouts Victoria is endorsed as an interested party on your certificate of Public Liability Insurance.


1. The Rock should be set up on a firm, even and level surface. Follow set up procedure provided with Rock Trailer

2.Safety mats must be in position before use. Do not place mats on top of each other, as this creates trip hazard

3. Minimum of 3 – 4 supervising personnel while the Rock is in use.

4.All Supervising personnel must be aware of these Operating Instructions.

5. Do not use the Rock when raining, stormy, windy or in wet conditions.


The Rock is not built to support heavy weights on the top surface.

7. Only 4 - 5 climbers at any time.

8. Climbers must move in the same direction around the rock.

9. Climbers, once reaching the top edge, need to descend properly and safely.

10. When the Rock is not being used, minimal supervising personnel must still be in attendance to avoid unintended use by others.


** Reminder all incidents or misuse must be reported to Boroondara District personnel.